Licensees are required to renew their license to practice psychology on a biennial basis.  At least 30 days in advance of their renewal date, licensees are mailed a reminder postcard to remind them that they need to renew their license.  The postcards are sent to the licensee's address of record, thus licensees are encouraged to keep their address of record current.
According to Board rule 465.7, licensees must display their current renewal permit alongside their license, in a conspicuous place in the principle office where they practice. Therefore, licensees should submit their renewals in a timely manner so that they receive their renewal permits before the expiration of their license(s).
Licensees are required to renew their license (both active and inactive licenses) online and are encouraged to do so during normal business hours and well in advance of the deadline.  This will ensure that licensees have access to Board staff to assist them should they encounter difficulties while renewing.  It also serves to ensure that licensees have an opportunity to attempt renewal again in the event they encounter technical difficulties.
A licensee who does not renew his or her license by the expiration date is subject to the late renewal fees set forth in Board rule 473.4.  Additionally, a delinquent license that is not renewed within 1 year of the expiration date will expire.
Licensed Psychologists must review and update their profiles when renewing their license.  This should be done before beginning the renewal process.  To update your online profile, please click on the following link: Professional Profiles.  This requirement does not apply to Provisionally Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Psychological Associates, and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology.
Pursuant to Board rule 461.11, licensees are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of professional development during each renewal period they hold a license.  The hours must be directly related to the practice of psychology.  Of these 40 hours, a minimum of 6 hours must be in the area(s) of ethics, Board Rules of Conduct, or professional responsibility.  The Board’s policy on ethics hours may be accessed by clicking on the following link: Ethics Course Guidelines.  Also, out of the 40 required hours, another 6 hours must be in the area of cultural diversity.  Areas of cultural diversity include, but are not limited to, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, national origin, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and social economic status.  Lastly, at least half of the required 40 hours must be obtained from or endorsed by a provider listed in Board rule 461.11(c)(3).  Please note, pursuant to Board rule 461.11(b), the Board does not pre-approve professional development hours.
A licensee's failure to submit the required professional development hours on or before the expiration date will result in his or her license becoming delinquent.  As a reminder, a licensee may not engage in the practice of psychology on a delinquent license.
Hours not needed for the current renewal year, may not be carried over to a subsequent renewal year, unless the hours are accumulated during your renewal month and are not needed to meet the current year’s requirements. Hours may not be divided and used for two years’ professional development requirements.
Ten percent of each type of license is audited automatically on a random basis by the computer each month.  These licensees are required to submit proof of their professional development hours with their renewal form and fees.  It is possible for a licensee to be audited two years or more in succession, even though the audits are randomly generated.  Also, an irregularity in complying with professional development requirements could result in a manual audit for which the licensee must submit proof of the professional development received.
Note:  Please review the browser compatibility information located at the bottom of the online renewal login page for the versions of those browsers that are required.  In the event you require technical assistance to login to the online renewal system or while you are going through the online renewal process, please contact technical support.
(1)   Eligibility Requirements for Renewal
You are eligible for renewal of your license if:
(a)   Your license is active or inactive and within 60 days of expiration. 
(b)   Your license has not expired, i.e. been delinquent for more than one year.
(c)   You have obtained at least 40 hours of professional development in compliance with Board rule 461.11 since your last renewal.
(d)   You are not in default on any court-ordered child support payments.
(2)    Instructions for Accessing the Online Renewal System
When renewing a license online, you must first register an account with the online renewal system, if you have not already done so.  The registration is a one-time only process.
To register for the online renewal process:
(a)    You will need an email address to register, and this email address will become your User ID.
(b)   A temporary password will be sent to this email address, and you will be asked to select a new password when you first attempt to login.
(c)    Once you have registered an account, and logged into the system, you may add your license(s) to your registered account.  There are two license types to choose from:
            a.      Psychology - LP, PLP, LPA (licensed psychologist, provisionally licensed psychologist, licensed psychological associate), or
            b.      Psychology – LSSP (licensed specialist in school psychology).
If you have more than one license with this Board, you can add both licenses at the same time, by selecting either one of the above options.
(d)   Information needed in order to register online:
             a.      Social Security Number (no dashes)
             b.      Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy), and
             c.      Zip code (from address of record).
If any of the information you enter does not match the data currently in the system, you will not be able to establish an account and will need to contact the Board office during normal business hours.  The zip code you enter must match exactly the one the Board has on file as your address of record.  If it includes a 4 digit extension, then it must be entered as such.  If it does not include a 4 digit extension, then it cannot be entered with one.  You can find your current address of record with the Board on your annual renewal permit, or you may use the Public Search feature of the online renewal system to access your current address of record.
If your current address of record does not have a zip code, e.g. foreign address, you will need to contact the Board and request that agency staff manually register you for an online user account.
(e)    Once you have registered an account and added your license(s) to this registration, you may begin the renewal process.
(3) Special Instructions for Reporting Professional Development Hours Online
If you hold more than one type of license with this Board, each license is required to be renewed separately online.  However, if you are renewing both licenses one after the other, after you have entered the professional development information for the first license, then when you come to the requested professional development information for the second license, you should proceed as follows:
      Under Course Name provide just the number of the first license renewed,
      Under Course Hours indicate the total number of hours,
      Under Date add today’s date.
To begin the online renewal process, click on the following link: Online Renewals.