Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Revised Schedule B for 2017-2021 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Reports on Customer Service

Customer Service Report 2016

Customer Service Report 2014

Legislative Appropriations Requests

Legislative Appropriations Request 2018-2019

Legislative Appropriations Request 2016-2017

Operating Budgets

Operating Budget FY2018

Operating Budget FY2016

Operating Budget FY2014

Information Regarding Staff Compensation

Information Regarding Staff Compensation FY2017

Sunset Review Materials

2018-2019 Review Cycle, 86th Legislature

Self-Evaluation Report

2016-2017 Review Cycle, 85th Legislature

Final Results of Sunset Reviews

Staff Report with Final Results

Report to the 85th Legislature

Staff Report with Commission Decisions

Board's Response to Consolidation Report

Executive Summary for Health Licensing Consolidation Project Report

Health Licensing Consolidation Project Report

Board's Response to Sunset Staff Report

Executive Summary for Staff Report

Staff Report

Self-Evaluation Report

2004-2005 Review Cycle, 79th Legislature

Summary of Results

Report to the 79th Legislature Agency Section

Staff Report

Licensing Reorganization Project

Self-Evaluation Report

1992-1993 Review Cycle, 73rd Legislature

Staff Evaluation Health Care Licensing Boards

1978-1979 and 1980-1981 Review Cycles, 66th and 67th Legislatures

Staff Report


TSBEP (520) Personnel Manual